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One man’s struggle to accept his wife’s death, and the cost of bringing her back to life.

While in the process of bringing his wife, Sandra, back to the living, Arthur journals about moments from his past that changed him. During the journal writing, he rediscovers how, as an orphan, his ability to animate objects and people to life may have ultimately destroyed the lives of the few who grew close to him.

Once Sandra is alive again, she claims Arthur is not who or what he thinks he is. Her ire shines a spotlight on the insidious, but most likely true, unspoken nature of their relationship.

In the meantime, a mysterious smell envelopes the community—a stench so heinous it can be fatal. As the number of deaths from the stench mounts, Arthur must decide who to animate back to life and who remains dead.

In Blackness by U.L. Harper book cover


Teenagers Lenny and Saline travel independently to their old home in Washington – Saline, with a mysterious Christian group, and, Lenny, desperately in the footsteps of his older sister. What they find on their individual journeys will change not just their lives forever, but the world as they know it. Meanwhile, their stepbrother, Dustin, is about to discover a secret that society can no longer hide, a secret that might cost everyone around him their lives.

In Blackness: The Reinvention of Man by U.L. Harper book cover


The aliens have returned and we’ve offered them…our flesh.

San Pedro has been gutted from the invasion, physically and emotionally. It is a time of deep unrest spurred by a lack of government transparency about the invasion. Dustin, Lenny, and Saline know their father is part of the conspiracy but before that even matters they have to save themselves.

If Lenny and Saline want to live they must complete the missions assigned to them by aliens.

Once on their respective journeys, Lenny meets Michaela. She is visceral and determined to help Lenny, but why she will go to no end to do so will put them in grave danger. Saline, on the other hand, teams up with a young boy who is also the only person to see on board the alien ship. What he says about the ship is riveting and frightening even beyond her wildest ideas of it.

Meanwhile, Dustin remains home preparing for San Pedro’s apparent collapse when he discovers something that could either ruin him or help him through this trying time—his father’s secret stash of living, alien flesh.

The Flesh Statues by U.L. Harper book cover


Tired of watching his ailing grandfather wither away from Alzheimer’s, 19 year old Langley Jackson moves from his middle class home and subsequently struggles to survive in downtown Long Beach. Here he finds himself part of a social movement bent on destruction and retribution. Through all of this, Langley must decide on trying to subsist in a complicated and unlawful new world of graffiti and poetry or endure in a disheartening old one outlined by the death of his mother and his sick grandfather.


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