Let’s take this in steps.

First, the premise.

Catherine LaCroix produced Josselyn Thorn (if I’m not mistaken)—a deeply abused protagonist. She’s a Wisp—a very sensual person, and ideal to become a Ring (in my opinion). To better understand her position as a Ring, think of her being married to an already married couple. She’s the third wheel in the relationship. Her relationship with them apparently went very well, emotionally, intellectually, and sexually. The problem is—and this is why she’s in jail—somebody murdered them, and all signs point to her.

So the questions going forward are who killed them and how is she going get off the hook if she didn’t. But maybe she did. Who knows? It’s why we’re reading.

Second thing.

I had no idea how much sex would be in this, but had an idea when the Ring concept was introduced. But it gets real, folks. I’m not a romance reader all the time or really any of the time, so I was like, oh snap, here we go! And anything goes, and goes well, basically every time. So there’s that.

Third thing.

The writing is well-done. I’m not saying it’s The Great Gatsby of time-piece/fantasy/romance, but it’s clean, smooth, and the dialogue is great. A short story. You can sit down and read it in a sitting or so if you wanted. I write my own books. suffer from A.D.D., internet, and have to stop whenever a car drives by so it took me a bit longer, but that’s on me, not the writing. No problem getting down the page. We always know what Josselyn is thinking and feeling. That’s probably a given for this genre.

Here’s my critique.

I wish she was more traumatized from her short-lived jail days. I wanted it to matter more to the plot, somehow. To give this a five star, I’d also want the resolution to be about Josselyn first. It’s about her and her unlikely and unpredicted alliance she makes along the way, which in no way is a problem, but I’d rather she stepped up and took the hero load a bit more. It’s not within her character to do so, in my opinion, but I can’t help what I want. Josselyn and I have that in common.

To recap, The Whispers Of Rings is a well-done, fun and sexy book that is good for an afternoon read, and perfect to escape.